One to One Yoga

One to one yoga is an hour each week for you, I’ve successfully worked with women preparing for operation’s, recovering or living with injuries, post treatment or who are looking to enhance their vitality for life.  Sometimes means focusing on relaxation.

The healing benefit of a unique practice for you is that as we move through the weeks each session is built around what you need that week, as our mind and body fluctuates we’re working on calming the mind, building strength in core muscle groups, and  specifically focusing on key health concerns.

You’ll enjoy yoga, breathing practices, meditation, many benefits of  creating a new perspective on what’s important, sleep and digestion improves, less anxiety, tools to deal with stress.  Living a life with more energy, calmer mind and vitality for each day. 

This is specific to your wants and needs and here are some wonderful ladies who shared how they feel from the sessions

“I started private yoga sessions with Eileen towards the end of my cancer treatment. Yoga sessions were personalised to my needs focusing on improving strength and balance. I am genuinely surprised at how such gentle but specific yoga moves could make such a huge difference.  The breathing technique I have learned is a gift that I practice daily.  Yoga is now my time for me. 

Thanks Eileen Namaste “

– Bridget

“I attended Eileen for private one to one yoga. I wanted to learn a few easy poses and have a small personally routine of yoga that I could manage. I had previously tried beginner classes with a group but really could not keep up so just dropped out! Instead of being relaxing I found it stressful that I appeared to be the only one unable to do the poses.

However Eileen took the time and the patience to show me each pose and made a unique program for me and my needs and ability. It was the breathing I have found most helpful and unexpected bonus. It helped me get through my spinal surgery in December and if I feel stressed due to the difficult times we now going through with Covid,  I take time out concentrate on my breathing do my few poses while quietly mediating with some soft music and or oils burning and I am calmed and ready to face the world again.

It has become such a lovely part of my daily routine, but without Eileen’s one on one attention and written program and help I could not have achieved this. I have no hesitation in recommending Eileen for private yoga sessions.”

– Maura

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