One to One Yoga (Online)

Eileen demonstrating a seated pose with hands in prayer on a mat

One to one yoga is a personalised service for you to gain a deeper understanding of your body, how it moves, what works well to get the tension out of the body, what type of meditation suits you personally and ask questions about the breathing exercise you done previously.  You will use certain postures that have more resonance and healing benefit to build strength and resilience in the body.  You’ll receive a specific programme to practice at home, working overseas, on holidays, you can take your practice outdoors.  This programme is specific to your wants and needs.

Benefits over a group class is you get one to one attention, you will build habits into your day, notice when you need to take a deep breath to centre yourself, know when to stand up from the desk to stretch, share the fun poses with your kids.  Previous clients have enjoyed the benefits of been part of the creative process, together the programme is built with a complete commitment to well-being.

If you would like to become flexible, gain moments of peace and calm in your day, ease aches and pains in the body, sleep like a baby.  Learn why ‘yoga’ is bigger than downward dog or want to find out more about downward dog! This may be for you.

I’m based in Limerick and available online, to book contact Eileen on 086-7953239 or contact me below.


“I first started yoga for health reasons and I now look forward to the class every week for ME! It’s my hour & fifteen minutes where I think of only me. It has been great for my health and has given a new meaning to my life. I use the breathing techniques every day, as well as the warm-up exercises before my day starts. Thank you, Eileen, for introducing me to the new me!”

Christina Daly, Student



One to One Yoga (Online)

Investing in your well-being and health leads to a life of love and ease. This is a one hour focused session to assess your body movement, understand where the pain points are and what would bring ease to your day. Teach you a mindful breathing practice to bring your back to the body and out of the mind.




One to One (Three Online Sessions)

Investing in your health brings inspiration to those around you as you are are putting your overall well-being a priority in your life. Three sessions will give you a complete morning and evening routine to live by, supported with positive mindset practices and breathwork to support your emotional well-being. You will receive the recording of the sessions to playback.