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Moon Mediation at 7pm (Next date below) 

The full moon has been said to symbolise different things in different cultures. It has religious and spiritual significance in some cultures, and in others, it is believed to symbolise the rhythm of time.

The new moon invites a new cycle, a new intention a new way of being.

In India, it is traditionally believed that the full moon affects the movement and flow of water in creation. Buddhists believe it is a time for spiritual reflection.

Moon Meditation (Tuesday 4th August @7pm )

Guided Mediation


Morning Yoga – Wednesday at 9.30am

A slow-paced flow class geared towards those new to yoga or preferring a slightly gentler class.  Time is spent breaking down sun salutations and building strength in the core area, lots of breathwork to support emotional and physical health.

Morning Yoga (Drop In)

One Class Pass


Morning Yoga – Four Class Pass

Four Class Pass


“My first time doing candlelight yoga. I do hatha yoga with Eileen but this was so different. Absolutely wonderful to have some ‘me’ time in relaxing surroundings. The yoga was very gentle, slow paced, lots of stretching and breathing, not physically demanding at all. The candlelight’s really add to the peaceful calm atmosphere. Found the end of the class where it is mindfulness and meditation based so lovely and restful. Eileen takes the time to explain why we do certain poses and how they can benefit both the mind and body. This class is definitely my treat to myself.

Can’t recommend this type of yoga enough! Thank You Eileen”

Simone Danagher

If these classes don’t suit your schedule, don’t forget one to one yoga designed for your body, mind and schedule.  It’s a great way to build confidence, strength and work on specific areas of the body. Call Eileen on 086-7953239 or email

Terms and Conditions Return/Refund Policy

  • Payment for all classes must be received before class commences.
  • ‘Class Pass’ means the pass entitles you to attend classes for specific block of ‘classes’ there is no return/refund.
  • You may attend an alternative class the same week if there is availability and you’ve provided prior notice.
  • You may come to class without booking however this is discouraged, as space in class cannot be guaranteed.