I’m delighted to offer you a new workshop called ‘Treasures Within’ it’s going to be fun, high energy and creative.  You’ll be taking time to manifest what you truly desire, feeling your way to build trust and confidence.

We will delve into Law of Attraction inviting in what you want, taking time to step into your Creative Workshop and give you the tools to return there daily.

It will bring out the child within as you allow yourself to dream big! Tap into the abundance of life and know why ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ works.

Truly empower your life.

Treasures Within – Saturday 30th May

Saturday 30th May @10am-12.30pm Manifest the life you desire and unlock the treasures within.











Elizabeth shared with me how she enjoyed the day

‘I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who needs time to think, rest, focus or just be at peace for a few hours.  It is a wonderful combination of inner focus and connecting with other people and the outdoors.  I have been blessed to participate in two of these and the others in the group have made it a warm and welcome experience that has enhanced my day.  Eileen is calm and encouraging and understands that each person is there for his or her own reasons and helps them to make the retreat their own. ‘