Women’s Circle

The moon circle usually starts with a short grounding meditation to help women let go of the stress of the day and arrive fully into the present moment, centered and relaxed. After this,  we will open the space for women to share their names, and another question such as what they would like to get out of the circle.

Then, the theme is discussed. We may share some of our own wisdom around what the theme means to us, and how it can apply to our journeys of self-growth and transformation. Women’s voices are always welcome to share, and usually the space becomes rich with stories, diverse perspectives, and gems of wisdom.

A signature activity done in a Global Sisterhood circle is the Heart Meditation, which is about ten minutes long and includes a powerful visualization to connect each woman to her heart, feel love and support for her sisters, and unify the circle with the thousands of other circles happening that same day.

Each circle also usually includes a combination of discussion questions around the theme, a transformational ritual, or a practical exercise. These help each woman go within to reflect and do deep work in a lighthearted way. Through these activities, women emerge feeling a sense of inner knowing, nourishment, self-love, confidence, healing, direction, and clarity.

Then, the circle is closed with a short meditation, intention-setting, or something as simple as all women sharing one thing they will take with them from the circle.

Last Monday of the Month 7-9pm

Hollytree Natural Clinic, Newcastle West, Co Limerick.

Booking is essential, text/call Eileen on 086-7953239.