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Moon Mediation Circle (Online)

Join us in sacred circle as we embrace the New Moon in Virgo with our liberating theme, I rise beyond societies expectations.  Time to get honest and cut the cords with behaviours that drain our power.

Virgo is the only feminine entity in the zodiac, it’s time to embody the virtues of the “critic” and take an honest assessment of how you are relating to yourself, your material life, your partnerships, and the community around you.

Now is the time to get real with yourself about it and how you are hiding, contorting yourself to fit into a role, people pleasing, or remaining silent in situations ( both personally and collectively)  that are deeply important to you.  How are you giving your power away?

What can I expect?

75 minutes virtual gathering of women

Gorgeous mix of meditation, reflection and combined with a potent ritual for self-empowerment.

Sharing and healing together in circle 

Take home worksheet emailed afterwards

What not to expect:

Judgement or trying to ‘fix’ one another. The power sharing, deep listening and being heard. Come as you are. There is no experience required on your part.

Do I have to share in the circle?

The simple answer is no. We do create time for women to share in response to a prompt question or activity. This is voluntary. You can share as much or as little as you like. If you do not feel like sharing or cannot for whatever reason, you can simply listen to the other women’s shares. There is immense wisdom to be found in deep listening.

What do I need?

A quiet, cosy space for the evening 

Journal and pen 

A warm cuppa! 

Our Community:

We are part of the Global Sisterhood movement. Our circle is one of thousands of circles worldwide, women just like us will gather to harness the moon’s magic. 

We can’t wait to see your beautiful soul there!

Eileen and Sinead x

Meditation Circle

Moon Meditation Thursday 17th @7.30pm

New Moon Mediation (Online)


Forest Wander 

Would you like to gather with other women to wander in nature? We’ll meditate, walk, have fun with yoga and finish off with a cup of herbal tea.  Now is a time we need to gather outdoors in community, connect to nature and ourselves. 

(Look out for the next date)

Forest Wander

Switch on your connection to nature with a guided wander through the forest.


How to Join us online

  1. Download Clink here to download Zoom
  2. Create an zoom account; First Name, Surname, Email Address
  3. Once you register for the class here on paypal I will sent you the invite by email
  4. Join the livestream and I look forward to welcoming you