Vive La France

Long live France!

I love France, I remember a school tour to Paris gazing up at the Eiffel Tower in total awe and wonderment.  Years of appreciation for their cuisine, wine and art.  I learnt to snowboard while living in the French Alps, my grasp of the French language hasn’t improved all that much, I can get from A to B, read a menu and ask C’est Combien (How much?) most important as the market culture is amazing!

3HO Europe – Healthy Happy Holy

Why am I talking about France, I headed off two weeks ago to my first overseas yoga festival it was the biggest immersion of yoga since my training in Nepal. I got up each morning at 4am for seva, my seva for the festival was vegetable chopping with a team of people from all over Europe. We chopped for 3,000 people. My hands didn’t know what hit them!

What is seva? Seva is selfless service to others, the community, and the globe.  The Sanskrit word comes from the meaning to serve or to honour.  What we term in our culture as ‘Giving Back’ similar to the work I have done serving as a board trustee of VSO Ireland.  You may serve your community, school, local sport team by volunteering.  This is one of the highest forms of yoga.  Giving back has such powerful emotion behind it, you are honouring your true self.  Find a community or charity that resonates with you, provide support with the gifts and talents that you have to give. Time is one of the biggest gifts you have to give.

Suzanne my roomie from Sweden was on the same seva so that helped, if we didn’t have seva we went to Sadhana, the moon used to shine brightly our path to the Sadhana field where hundreds of people gathered to practice yoga, chanting and meditation.  A complete practice first thing in the morning led by wonderful teachers, live musicians on stage chanting as the sun rose in the sky!

Sadhana is a disciplined practice that you commit to yourself each morning, it’s a time of great connection to you.  No ego, no mind getting in the way, well of course it tries but with constant commitment and discipline you will find moments of inner peace and calm that make you feel so GOOD! True connection to the nature within you.  It’s truly beautiful.


We know that the early riser catches the worm! Whether your practice is religious, spiritual, physical movement, reading sacred script.  What works for you, what makes your heart sing, takes you out of your head, within 21days you will have a habit, within 40days you’ll see numerous benefits. Do it!

Want to feel calm, trust the decisions you make are from the heart, be in your centre, and stay strong and grounded. This is for you.

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Summer Time

It must be love, love, love

Nothing more,

Nothing less,

Love is the best!

A snippet of the words from the Madness hit back in the 90’s came to me after our meditative walk through the forest as we had watched the sun rise on the Solstice.

It was magical as we all chanted ‘Om So Hum’ while practising yoga, the forest listened as we all connected.  ‘So Hum’ is derived from Sanskrit and literally means ‘I am That’ meaning we identify ourselves with the universe, as we chant or meditate on this, we realise that we are all one, we all come from one infinite source that’s present in all of us.

Yoga in the Forest (2)
Om So Hum

Summer is my high energy time; sunshine brings me the yellow of joy to celebrate and use up every ounce of daylight!  Last week was full of sounds with a gong bath, walking mindfully and teaching yoga in nature.  Guiding a meditation class of loving kindness, hiking in the Wicklow Mountains and more..why?

It’s my season I know I come alive when the sun shines, I love the long summer days, the smell of cut grass, and the brightness in the mornings.  The beautiful sunsets illuminating the skyline, lying about in the sun soaking up the warm breeze, catching up with friends and family eating outdoors.

Summer Hike
Wicklow Mountains

How do you feel during the summer? Do you take time to soak up and fill your heart with gratitude as you enjoy the summer holidays? Maybe autumn is your season when the leaves are changing colours and falling.  Whatever your season notice how you mind and body feels and do what’s good for you.

Wander in the forest

I love how nature around us can influence our own health and wellness, walking in silence in the forest has numerous health benefits.  Researchers have found that forests are “therapeutic landscapes” and that forest bathing may decrease the risk of stress-related diseases.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day as we headed to Knocksink Woods in Enniskerry.  Ruth set up Hush Hikes to allow us to walk in forests and share experiences.  We started out with a guided meditation before walking slowly in silence through the forest to the outdoor yoga studio.

Hear the sounds and get a sneak peak here!

Join us to celebrate Solstice on 21st June. A morning of mindful walking, meditation, kundalini yoga inspired kriyas, Yoga with Eileen and connection with like minded folk. This walk will be a little longer than usual but we will work our route around those who may have commitments and need to part a little earlier.

*Please note these hikes/walks are mostly in silence with an opportunity either end to connect fully with the group (or not!) Please bring a light lunch/brunch depending on your own tastes & feel free to bring something to share.
Please Pm for location and finer details.

Book your place below for Thursday 21st of June