Reiki Energy Healing

Eileen holding her hands over a client who is relaxed on a treatment table

Reiki is a energy healing technique that originated in Japan, as a complimentary healing method it helps the system re-balance itself.  A regular session takes pro active care of your energy body.  A time to come out of the mind and back to body, releasing blocks, old beliefs, grief, anger and pain.  If you’re looking for inner peace, harmony and wish to take time to connect to your inner knowing and trust, this may be for you.


‘I have had them previously and find them good for my emotional and spiritual well being and general balancing of the body. Eileen’s Reiki treatments I found particularly good on a spiritual and emotional level. It was a beautiful experience to be honest, and I felt renewed so to speak and very earthed.

It is very much a personal journey and no better person than Eileen to help one connect to the self or to Mother Earth. Thank you Eileen see you soon again.’
– Maura

Distance Healing (Online)

Reiki healing when not in person is know as distance healing.  I suggest you have a space where its quiet, create a nice atmosphere by lighting a candle and play relaxing music.  We connect online, chat as to what your needs are and then you lie down to receive.  As we are working with energy, it has the same benefits all from the comfort of your home.


During lockdown I wasn’t really enjoying things as much as some people seemed to be. I felt I was 100 miles and hour all the time. I spoke to Eileen and we arranged a distance Reiki session. I wasn’t sure what to expect but having discussed my feelings and needs with Eileen she carried out the session. I found it very relaxing and felt so much better the following day and into the weeks that followed.  With Eileen’s help I was able to be more grounded which really helped. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Embrace it with an open mind.

– Julie


To book either in person or online, you an contact me on 086-795323 or email below.


chair healing room

Reiki Healing

One hour session