About Me

‘When my breath and movement connect, I feel at one with myself and those around me. It brings me to a place of deep connection and knowing that we are part of the bigger universe’ – Eileen 

Where have I been and what have I studied?

I traveled to Kathmandu in Nepal to complete my initial teacher training in traditional Hatha yoga.  I continued my studies, with an advanced yoga teacher training course focused on Vinyasa flow, meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) in Andalusia, Spain.  I integrate all of these elements, along with essential oils into our group and private sessions.

Reiki energy healing allowed me to connect further with my own healing ability and became a significant focus of my studies, leading me to become a Reiki Master.   I’m continuing my studies with Maria Rawlins as this is my chosen path.

I’ve completed numerous courses, workshops and retreats; Introduction to Shamanic Healing, Forest Therapy, Loving Kindness, EFT Tapping Level One, Rahanni Celestial Healing Level One, Sadhguru Inner Engineering, Panchakarma Cleansing in India, Inspiring Women Programme, Free Your Voice, Artist Way..Earth Sea Sky Woman.

Recently studied with Mirabai Starr on the Wisdom of Women Mystics and completed a Cert. in Counselling and Psychotherapy .

Why is this important? it keeps my heart open to the potential of unconditional love and discern what’s true.


  • 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificate awarded by the Himalayan International Yoga Academy (HIYA) in 2016, studied under Yogacharya Swami Yog Subodh (Dr Subodh Simkhada)
  • Reiki Master (Reiki III) 2017 with Marie Angeline Lascaux; registration as a practitioner with Reiki Federation Ireland in 2018.
  • Reiki Teacher (Level I & III) certificate awarded in 2018 and 2019 respectively.
  • Further 75 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher by Frog Lotus Yoga International in 2018, studied under Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarro.
  • Further Reiki Energy Healing studies with Maria Rawlins in 2019 and 2020.
  • Cert. Counselling and Psychotherapy 2020


Reiki Federation IrelandRYT200