About Me

 When my breath and movement connect, I feel at one with myself and those around me. It brings me peace. 

My love of yoga developed over 15 years, it started out in a Community Centre in Limerick.  I was working in the corporate world, burning the candle at both ends working in fast paced challenging roles, studying, playing a lot of sport, and enjoying the social highlights of the city! Yoga helped me to keep calm and to sleep better at night.

I traveled to Kathmandu in Nepal to complete my initial teacher training in traditional Hatha yoga.  Nepal is a sacred place, immersed in the Ayuervedic lifestyle and surrounded by Buddhist and Hindu temples.  The traditions of the Buddhists living quietly and simply in the forests and mountains, instilled in me the value of peace and calm in our lives.  I firmly believe that this is a gift that the “practice” of yoga and meditation can bring to us all.

I continued my studies in 2018, with an advanced yoga teacher training course focused on vinyasa flow, meditation and pranayama. I integrate all of these elements, along with essential oils , music, chanting and other methods into my classes.

My journey with Reiki healing allowed me to connect further with my own healing ability and became a significant focus of my studies, leading me to become a Reiki Master in 2017. When I receive Reiki I am enveloped by a feeling of well-being and all worries dissolve into thin air.  Afterwards, I feel refreshed and grateful for all that surrounds me.

I am whole heartedly committed to helping my students on their journey towards peace, calm and a better ability to cope with the challenges that life throws us.

I have been teaching yoga classes in Dublin and Limerick since 2016, providing my students with tools for life, as well as a moment in the week to relax and focus on their own wellness.



RYT200Reiki Federation Ireland