Snoring..during yoga; YES or NO?!

I saw a post from Sadie with a headline about Snoring! It caught my attention straight away as I’m so aware of it! I was in yoga class in Hamburg with my friend Mary, we were super excited as there’s was a gong session included.  I love, love the gong…the sound sends me off into deep relaxation, I get the chance to completely let my mind, body and soul soak up the good vibrations.

I started relaxing once I heard the gong, but I also could hear myself snoring (like a snort!) so what did I do? I tried to control my snoring.  All my energy now was going towards stopping myself from snoring, my body was tensing rather than relaxing as I was worried about how I might disturb the rest of the class.

When you go to a yoga class there’s a relaxation part at the end (called Savasana) where your lie on your mat, head is in line with the spine, arms out to the side – no pillow!  Lying on the back can bring on snoring for some of us!

What is snoring but a bodily sound that needs to be released, it’s like joints cracking, breaking wind (yes this is a common one 😊) comparing ourselves to others.

So here I was in the gorgeous German countryside, tensing rather than relaxing.  Once I became aware of what was happening, I decided to let go, I allowed myself to accept the healing sounds of the gong and relax into the class.  Did I enjoy it, oh yes it was amazing..Nathalie lifted the roof off!

Yoga in Hamburg

Yoga is a practice to support the body and mind, moving, detoxing, releasing tension, building patience, having fun learning new ways of being, most of all its acceptance, accepting ourselves and others.

When YOU come to class the space is yours, choose what you need and want.  It may be an escape from everything,  you may want to push yourself to release the day or learn techniques that allow you to accept your own snoring or the person beside you, all of it is accepted.    

‘Remember you can’t fart and belch at the same time’ Brendan Grace.

Author: Eileen Sheehan

Everything I write about is geared towards things that I deeply care about. My greatest strengths are in topics about health and wellness. I’ve been fortunate enough to take my passion for holistic wellness (yoga, reiki, meditation) and follow my dream to bring balance into my daily life. I've been a finance and risk manager of the national tourism body, headed up the operations team of a golf management company, board trustee of an international NGO. I learnt a lot about business management and mentoring teams through change. As a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner and Project Manager, I’ve been fortunate to make a living doing something I love providing business supports and consulting. I got into holistic health and wellness because I wanted to help people. It is my hope that my blog will encourage people to reflect on what's important to them, step out of the comfort zone and create something great. At the end of the day, the goal of improved health and wellness is to be able to create a quality of life that makes life enjoyable. Business is the same way. As business owners, we want to create something great while being able to provide ourselves a good living while enjoying what we love. Feel free to reach out to me on advice about health and wellness and business. It is my desire to help everyone find their passion (dharma).

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