Do your Best, Be the Best & Leave the Rest

Nine months ago I’ve moved back to my home village in Limerick after living in Dublin for 13years.  I’m establishing a new pace of living, bringing my wellness business to the Mid-West of Ireland, it’s the next part of my journey.  Do your best, Be the best and Leave the rest’ was a message I received at a lecture as part of my advanced yoga teacher training in Cadiz, Spain last April.  I wrote it down at the time, and somewhere in my subconscious it’s obviously been playing away in the background, waiting to arise to my consciousness.

I love a challenge, say it can’t be done and I’ll find a way, an opportunity, go round it, under it whatever it takes, dedicated to proving it to myself ultimately.

Eileen demonstrating a hip-opening posture to a class
‘Rock the Baby’

I’ve spent the last 10 years learning to sit in meditation, hard core focus getting the hips to release, I started off with my knees up around my ears, I had no comfort in yoga class when sitting cross legged. Don’t know if I ignored the blocks or didn’t want to be seeing using them for support!  Patiently waiting for my knees to come to the floor, ‘Rock the Baby’ became a hit.  I sat on the floor of the living room when watching tv or reading, every opportunity was taken to sit cross legged.  I wanted to experience the bliss, the moments of calm – all the images of the yogi’s and Buddha sitting on the top of a mountain looking peaceful.  I suffer from anxiety and it was particularly high during this time, the critical thoughts constantly niggling away at my self esteem. I needed and wanted to get this, don’t know specifically when they landed on the floor but I now sit comfortably in meditation.  I actually prefer sitting on the floor helps to keep me grounded.

Sitting comfortably

This caught my attention and reminded me of ‘Do Your Best, Be the Best, Leave the Rest’ mantra.

‘You are not here to sacrifice your joy or your life.  You are here to live, to be happy, and to love.  If you can do your best in two hours of meditation, but you spend eight hours instead, you will only grow tired, miss the point, and you won’t enjoy your life.  Do your best, and perhaps you will learn that no matter how long you meditate, you can life, love and be happy.’

The Four Agreements‘ a book of wisdom from the Toltec tradition. 

I’ve relaxed somewhat in the last number of months, my practice in the morning is a time of reflection, visualising the day ahead with my clients and students.  Saying my prayers (mantra) to keep me focused, journalling when I need to and sitting with a sense of ease in meditation.  Of course I’ve been asking myself am I doing enough, should I be getting up earlier, is this enough?! Is it ever enough..

‘Do Your Best’ once we do our best with the fullest of intention and come from a place of complete awareness each and everyday, we save ourselves the internal dialogue of ‘what if?’

‘Be the Best‘ some days this is superhero stuff and we rock the place, other days it’s a I’m not getting dressed or even brushing my hair day! Be kind to yourself, watch the critical thoughts… Say thank you, but not today!

‘Leave the Rest‘ once we show up each day doing our best, putting the best effort in, coming from a place of integrity, showing kindness to ourselves and others.  Being the best version of ourselves, which we are already.  ‘Leave the Rest’ is about not getting attached to results, to what happens after all the energy, time, money, love has been given.  Like the farmer with his crops, each year he sows the seed not knowing what the harvest will bring.

To bring these teachings and wisdom into our lives takes practice and dedication, know this once you dedicate a practice to look after your health, spiritually, physically and emotionally the world around you benefits.

So ‘Do your Best, Be the Best and Leave the Rest’ much love to you all, take care x

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Author: Eileen Sheehan

Everything I write about is geared towards things that I deeply care about. My greatest strengths are in topics about health and wellness. I’ve been fortunate enough to take my passion for holistic wellness (yoga, reiki, meditation) and follow my dream to bring balance into my daily life. I've been a finance and risk manager of the national tourism body, headed up the operations team of a golf management company, board trustee of an international NGO. I learnt a lot about business management and mentoring teams through change. As a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioner and Project Manager, I’ve been fortunate to make a living doing something I love providing business supports and consulting. I got into holistic health and wellness because I wanted to help people. It is my hope that my blog will encourage people to reflect on what's important to them, step out of the comfort zone and create something great. At the end of the day, the goal of improved health and wellness is to be able to create a quality of life that makes life enjoyable. Business is the same way. As business owners, we want to create something great while being able to provide ourselves a good living while enjoying what we love. Feel free to reach out to me on advice about health and wellness and business. It is my desire to help everyone find their passion (dharma).

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