‘I believe that a little bit of magic happens when we sit on a yoga mat and create the space to re-ground ourselves.’ – Eileen

Eileen in Meditation

Welcome, I hope we meet in person or online soon.  It’s a great blessing to have this opportunity to help you along your self care and healing journey.  I spent my time in therapy to understand anxiety, early morning yoga to clear the stress and strain from my body.  Tons of workshops in meditation, yoga, dancing, it was never ending the quest to be healed.

Over time I found my favourites with forest therapy, yoga, loving kindness, and finally with Reiki energy healing.  I didn’t know who I truly was, I was searching for the answers outside of me, it was there all along in my heart as many teachers and guru’s had guided.

I built that belief and trust in myself.  I found the words and expression to free my voice, speak my truth so I can serve and live with purpose.  Speaking my truth is a voice that comes from the heart, taking time for the connection to register as the mind can over take.  By doing this my whole being feels into the words and hears the vibration.

A healing journey is challenging and liberating, I offer a space of compassion, understanding and deep devotion to support you.

Please take the time to wander through the pages see what resonates, you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook 

‘I booked my first Reiki session at a quite a stressful time in my life and my mind was constantly racing. After the first session, l felt that a sense of peace and calm  had re-entered both my mind and body, a feeling that l hadn’t experienced in a while. I felt more balanced and grounded. I immediately booked the next session and was really starting to heal and come back to myself. Will be returning to this ASAP.

I have also taken both private and public yoga classes with Eileen.  She engages with all her students in both a friendly and professional manner and tapers the class to mirror the ability of her students. She is excellent and l couldn’t recommend her highly enough!’

Namaste and many blessing


Eileen Sheehan x